Discover the 1092 UNESCO World heritage sites, including those added in June and July 2018.


  • List of sites by State party
  • List of sites by inscription year
  • Unesco World heritage map (including multiple locations for some sites)
  • Unesco heritage sites around me (including multiple locations for some sites)
  • Add the sites you want to go to the wish list
  • Add the sites you visited to the visited list, so you can track all the visited sites
  • Information about each site
  • Do you want to visit a site? You can book an hotel with booking.com directly from the site screen
  • Access to visited sites, map and Around me using 3D Touch
  • Today widget of nearby sites
  • Compare the number of heritage sites that your Facebook friends have visited
  • The iMessage extension lets you send the number of visited sites to your friends and compare it

The app data and the thumbnail pictures are available without network. Pictures can be downloaded for offline availability. But, maps and iCloud synchronization need a Wi-Fi access or access to cellular data.

For iPhone and iPad.

Available languages: English and French

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